The Repair Shop

Kagan Violins stocks basic parts for bowed instruments,including
• bridges by Aubert for violin, viola, cello and bass
• basic ebony pegs in various sizes

• strings by D’Addario, Supersensitive. Others by special order.
• tailpieces and endpins
• bow parts

Our Policy on Repairs & Restoration
All repairs are done on premises by Mr. Kagan. A one year guarantee is offered on most repairs and bow rehairing. I do most violin-family repairs, which includes viola, cello, and bass. And of course, estimates are free!

I don’t do top-regraduation, varnish stripping & re-finishing, or bow re-curving. I also don’t do guitar, banjo, or mandolin repairs, even though I do build mandolins.
Call (919)781-6067 or email me at for rates on repairs. Estimates are free.

Old Violin Fix Ups
An old fiddle is usually worth fixing, unless it is exceptionally poor quality. I’m equally willing to work on say, a $200 violin as opposed to a $2,000 violin. That being said, there is a difference between setting up an old fiddle to play and the careful restoration of a really fine antique using “original” parts and varnish.

The cost to fix up an old violin is variable–it may only need a new set of strings ($30 range) or it may need serious re-gluing ($100-up).  Average is about $100.  Sure, you can get a new cheap violin for about that price, but your grandpa’s old fiddle has “soul”.


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