Lessons are usually “one-on-one”, unless by special arrangement.

Most lessons are half-hour, but some people prefer an hour.

All lessons are in my studio–I supply the chairs and music stands.

Current (2012) rates are $18/ half-hour lesson, $36/hour.

Call 919-781-6067, 9:00am-6:00pm EST to set up lessons.

Currently I am recommending the Essential Elements 2000 series of books as the easiest method for beginners to get started.  Don’t even think about Kreutzer, Sevcik, etc. until you’ve learned the basics.

Adult beginners, you can do it, but realize it will take time.  Allow yourself at least 6 months before you decide to get discouraged.

All students:  do not substitute the weekly half-hour lesson for your daily practice session and expect to make progress.  Very young students can get by with 15 minutes daily, but for those of us who are over 12, we need a half-hour of violin study daily to get ahead.  If you can’t do every day, do those days you can.

Can’t make a scheduled lesson?  Don’t panic.  It’s always appropriate to call in, even if it’s an hour before the lesson.   Bad weather, traffic, late buses–call in.  Do not crash your car or get a speeding ticket just to get to a lesson!


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