About Us

About Mr. Kagan

Thomas Kagan grew up in northern New Jersey, in historic Morris County. Both of his grandfathers were fiddlers and woodworkers. He has been playing and performing on violin, viola, and mandolin for 30+ years.

Teaching Philosophy

Each student is an individual with different ways of perception and learning, so I try to discover what works best for each one. Sometimes it may be repetition, sometimes to hear the tune, and sometimes to dissect the tune and work through it piece by piece.

Along the way, we discuss music theory concepts, the great composers, and bits of musical history as they relate to each lesson.

I should point out that while I am a great admirer of the Suzuki Method, I do not apply it in lessons as I am not currently qualified to teach Suzuki. However, I do use Suzuki Method Books 2-5 as supplements to the main lesson book, and try to use some of Dr. Suzuki’s ideas in my teaching:

  • no harsh criticism or ridicule.
  • learning should be fun.
  • learning is easier if taken in small pieces at a time.
  • we build on previous knowledge.

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